Books Come Alive: Trave Gymnasium’s Grand Reading Contest Finals 2024

Celebrating the Magic of Reading and Storytelling Among Students

At Trave Gymnasium, we recently celebrated an event that brought stories to life: the Reading Contest Finals of 2024. This wasn’t just any competition; it was a journey into the realms of imagination, where students from Trave Gymnasium and Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt-Gymnasium Lübeck (CaJaBu) showcased their passion for literature and storytelling.

The Contest: A Showcase of Talent

The event featured students from the 6th and 9th grades, who participated with enthusiasm and showcased their reading skills. The competition was structured into three main segments: the class reading contest, the school reading contest, and the thrilling inter-school reading contest finals.

Champions of the Spoken Word

The competition was fierce, but friendly, and culminated in the announcement of the winners:

 6th Grade Victories:

  • First Place: Mascha and Israa from CaJaBu, 6b
  • Second Place: Mikka and Livia from TG, 6c
  • Third Place: Ela and Sanga from CaJaBu, 6a
  • Fourth Place: Leon and Theo from TG, 6a

9th Grade Achievements:

  • First Place: Yasmin from TG, 9b, winning by a narrow margin
  • Second Place: Lisa from CaJaBu, 9d
  • Third Place: Dalia from CaJaBu, 9a
  • Fourth Place: Skander from TG, 9a

A Fair Play Spirit

What made this event special was not just the competition, but the spirit of fairness and camaraderie. The finalists supported one another, and the applause for the winners resonated with genuine admiration and respect.

The Esteemed Jury

The event’s success was also due to our esteemed jury members – Annette Gieß, Camila Damerau, Nicole Deckert, Lilo Kohlmorgen, Lina Schulz, and Pauline Beyer. Their expertise and fair judgment ensured the integrity of the competition.

The Enchanting World of Dragon’s Green

This year’s reading material was Dragon’s Green: Worldquake Sequence Book 1 by Scarlett Thomas. This enchanting book, filled with magic, adventure, and heroism, captivated both the readers and the audience, proving that books are indeed magical.

A Word from Our Moderator

Shannon Stolzenberg, our esteemed moderator, played a pivotal role in the event. With her background in language learning and teaching, Shannon brought a unique perspective to the competition, emphasizing the importance of daily language practice and the joy of expressing oneself in English.

Looking Ahead

The Reading Contest Finals of 2024 reminded us all of the power of stories and the importance of reading in our lives. It was a celebration of literature, imagination, and the vibrant spirit of our students. We look forward to next year’s contest at CaJaBu and the new stories it will bring to life. (wa)

Get ready for an exclusive treat! In the next few days, we’ll be sharing thrilling interviews with the champions of our reading contest. Stay tuned!