English Reading Contest

On Friday, 24th March 2023, we visited the Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt-Gymnasium (CaJaBu) to take part in the final round of the English Reading Contest 2023.

First, the reading contestants Emma & Laura (6a) and Emma & Dana (6b) read their dialogues to the audience. They were well prepared because Jeremy, our assistant from Nottingham, had practiced with them. Everyone was nervous to read in front of a big audience, but they all did a very good job (Emma & Laura: 3rd place / Emma & Dana: 4th place)!

In the second part of the school competition, Medine (9c) and Laurin (9b) both read an extract from Mark Haddon’s novel “A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”. The judges especially liked their intonation. Finally, Laurin made it to the 4th place and Medine got 2nd in rank! Well done 

Thanks to the great audience (Class 6a, 6b, 9b and 9c + CaJaBu) for supporting the contestants and to the CaJaBu for organizing such a great event! Also a huge thank you to the judges (Marwah Küßwini (CAJABU), Anne Zwilling (teacher CAJABU) Annette Gieß (teacher TG), Adis Susuri (Q2 student TG), Zeynep Güler (CAJABU), Sarah Matzen (teacher TG), Jonah Rath (Q2 student TG)) and to Ms Deckert and Jeremy.

We are looking forward to the next English Reading Contest!


We are looking forward to the next English Reading Contest!