7a and 7b – all inclusive class trip to Bremen

From Wednesday, 22nd, to Saturday, 25th May, 2024, our two form 7 classes went to the Hanseatic city of Bremen by bus, accompanied by Ms. Deckert, Ms. Junge, Mr. Annas and Mr. Sterly. 

Our A & O hostel had a lot to offer, and the food really was delicious. On our first day all of us visited the beautiful city centre where we saw the fascinating Town Hall and the huge Roland Statue, both World Heritage sites.

We also took a large group photo next to the Town Musicians of Bremen. But this nice place is not only one for fairy tale lovers, one can also go to the Übersee Museum and e. g. spot a skeleton of a dinosaur or see the pieces of the world`s second biggest gold treasure within the America section.

Why not go on a relaxing boat trip on the Weser River and harbour area? – For instance, one can see the old Kelloggs factory buildings and many impressive ships.

Furthermore, we experienced lots of phenomenons at Universum, as e. g. taking a seat on an earthquake couch. Last but not least we took a train to Bremerhaven, Klimahaus. There we got freezingly cold at Antarctica, admired all the beautiful animals in Samoa and elsewhere and learnt a lot about different climate zones in several countries.

We had not had gone that far away, but often it is less about the distance and more about the journey itself. If you ever come to the city of Bremen, say hello and find out about its beauty yourself!  (7a coop)