Nachgefragt… – Dania im Gespräch mit Frau Deckert und Luna

Welcome Ms Deckert and Luna – let’s start with the interview!

Do you like to teach at this school?

Yes, I definitely do.

How long have you been teaching here?

Let me think, I have been teaching at TG for nearly 13 years by now.

What do you like at this school?

I like a lot at our school, but most of all I enjoy being part of our students’ progress – it is more than cool seeing you start in class 5 and finally happily holding your leaving certifications in your hands.

Which subjects do you teach?

I teach German and English on a regular basis, sometimes Theatre, too. This year I also teach IT and Skills and I would love to teach Happiness as a subject in the future. 

What did you do in the corona-pandemic?

Most of my free time I spent at the Baltic Sea with my dog Luna – we both just love being at the beach.

Let‘s talk a little bit about Luna…

What have you taught Luna already?

Not as much as she has already taught me 😀

How old is Luna?

Luna is three years old.

When is Luna‘s birthday?

It’s on 29th October. 

How often do you go for a walk with Luna?

Usually, we go for a walk three times a day, but sometimes we are a little bit less active concerning the walking and just do some ‘brain work’.

What kind of tasks does Luna have as a school dog?

Well, Luna doesn’t want to be cuddled all the time … Mainly, her task is to raise awareness of other individual beings’ needs. She shows us how to stay calm and be a real team player.    

Are you and Luna very tired after a day at school?

Actually, after a busy school day, Luna is even more tired than me, but I am tired, too. Some fresh afternoon air brings back our energy.  

Thanks a lot for your time!

It was my pleasure.