Let´s get active – report

Within a month – starting in November – the Let’s get active club form five students have built an amazing construction for our school dog Luna.
Starting by getting familiar with toolbox equipment as screwdrivers, drills, bits, level, carpenter’s rule or hooks, the kids got active by working with provided wood.
Furthermore, the pupils painted their scaffold, sticking to a sponge technique.
At Ms Deckert’s home some fabric improvements had been made.
The students also put some stickers onto their construction and tried out the hooks by hanging Luna’s gear onto it. This led to some more word practice (see last two pictures) – so, next time, training with Luna can begin.
Super work, pupils from 5a, 5b and 5c!
Your teacher is looking forward to seeing you next Friday!
  • club – AG
  • students/ pupils – Schüler*innen
  • toolbox – Werkzeugkasten
  • screwdrivers – Schraubendreher/-zieher
  • drills – Bohrmaschinen
  • bits – Bits (Einsätze für Akkuschrauber & Co)
  • level – Wasserwaage
  • carpenter’s rule – Zollstock
  • hooks – Haken
  • scaffold – Gerüst
  • sponge – Schwamm
  • fabric – Stoff
  • gear – Ausrüstung
  • lead/ leash – Hundeleine
  • harness – Hundegeschirr
  • collar – Halsband
  • anarchy cape – Anarchie-Umhang
  • poo bags – Hundekotbeutel
  • dog biscuits – Hundeleckerlis
  • dog brush – Hundebürste