And action…

Bring vs. take – English for advanced learners

Look at Form 6b – sporty students in the house!

I took them outside in order to train them properly.

First, it wasn’t easy for them to say ‘Bring!’ at the right time. Some even got distracted by some bundles of reeds, but finally they managed well.

So I brought them the ball. Sometimes I took it somewhere completely else. It’s fun to see the pupils’ confused faces when I do so. Well, but as a school dog I have to challenge them – it’s my job!

Later I asked Ms Deckert, my assistant, to get the ball and take it to the secretary’s for me.

She also took the photo … Maja, please be so kind to take my lead … yeah, boys and girls, bring it in … yes, fine, just a sec … but, not too close, you know … yes, I know, the rapid tests Mr Schuldt brought you, showed negative results, but still …

Now I’m a little bit exhausted, too – you see it in the picture. Training pupils isn’t easy but a lot of fun.

Next time I’ll bring them a little treat!